SpearCraft Book Box

Want more YA books in your life? SpearCraft book box is here to fill your shelves with great YA books and unique handmade fandom treasures.

Right now we are preparing shipment of our Victorian Classics box!!

We now have 3 purchase options for you! We have our regular monthly book box subscription,  a one time no book box option, and a one time book box purchase. These new options can be found in the "shop" section. We also have previous boxes listed in the shop section for purchase.

Subscription sign ups for the July box will begin on 17th of June. One time purchase boxes for April and some additional May boxes from subscribers that skipped are available now in the "Shop" section of this website.   

 Our theme for July is Victorian Classics!! This box will be perfect for fans of classic novels and, Victorian Era, and 18th century inspired books. Our book this month is a highly anticipated novel featuring travel, mischief, and fun. Its diverse with characters you'll love. Truely a fun, adventurous, and funny read. This box has lovely classic inspired items for fans of Jane Austen, Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray and more. We've also teamed up with 3 amazing artists/shops to bring you some exciting usable book inspired items. 

We ship all packages Mid Month.

Ship dates vary month to month based on the release date of the book. But we always ship around mid month and will keep you updated on ship dates on Instagram.  Tentative ship dates are June 10th for international and US tentatively begins shipping June 15th in waves, through the 20th.  Please note that it may take some time for your tracking to update.   For international orders we ship over 3 days in waves starting the 10th.  For US orders we ship over 5 days in waves starting the 15th and last day of shipment being the 20th. Please note it may take 48 hours for your tracking to become active.  So if you are in the last wave (20th) you may not see movement on the tracking until the 22nd.  

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing your unboxing posts on Instagram.

Please see our FAQ section for answers prior to emailing us. We have tried our best to answer all questions there. It explains how to order, about cancellations, and about one time boxes.  We highly recommend you read through it completely before purchasing in order to understand our box and our policies.  There are no refunds or exchanges on boxes, all sales are final. Thank you - Team SpearCraft

How It Works

The SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels and assorted bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each month's SpearCraft Book Box has a fun theme (past  tester themes included The "Cursed Child" & "I like you" themed around book romances) and will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 4+ other bookish treasures!  We ask that everyone reads our FAQ section prior to placing an order so that you know how subscription boxes and one time boxes work.  We highly recommend you read through it completely before purchasing in order to understand our box and our policies.  Thank you - Team SpearCraft 

Step 1


Pick a subscription plan! Anything from 1 box to 12 boxes a year. We'll ship you a book box each month.

Step 2

Your box is delivered

The post office delivers your amazing box of goodies.

Step 3

Get reading!

Enjoy your handpicked YA novel and all your bookish goodies.  Be sure to visit us on Instagram and share your unboxing photos with us!