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A little about us...

Welcome to The SpearCraft Book Box.  My name is Laura and I'm a book lover and crafter.  I've run my own shops on Etsy, Ebay, and Shopify for 6 years so I have lots of experience making items for customers.  My book box was born from my love of new YA novels and bookish items in October 2016 with our first box shipping out in November 2016.  

We believe in good old fashion books (can't get that new book smell from a kindle) and instilling a love of reading in the youth of the world.   We have also combined forces with YA Authors, and other bookish fandom shops to bring you the best goodies each and every month.  We love our fandoms and proudly show it! I've now been in the book box business for years so I am so excited to keep growing and expanding and see where this all goes.  This year (2018) we launched our 3rd subscription the Quarterly box! We are so excited for this expansion! Check below for a few sneak peeks into our family.

Be sure to follow us on social media,  links are at the bottom of the page. We host a monthly photo challenge, host giveaways, and select our reps to get free boxes from Instagram.

Meet the SpearCraft Team

Laura and family



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