Frequently Asked Questions

***There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds given on subscription or one time purchase boxes, special edition boxes and on books. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, no exceptions.

Please read the FAQ's prior to ordering.  Follow us on Instagram for hints, sneak peeks, and book descriptions.***

What is the SpearCraft book box?

The SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly handmade book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels and assorted handmade bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each month's SpearCraft Book Box has a fun theme (past  tester themes included The "Cursed Child" & "I like you" themed around book romances) and will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 4+  other bookish treasures! Most of the items in the box are made by us here at Spearcraft along with other bookish shops from Etsy and the web.  This is what makes us different than other book boxes.  We are a YA or Young Adult book box (young adult books are typically for ages 14-15+) . Our subscribers range in ages from 12 years to 50 years and that's just the spread we know about.  We try our best to create and curate items that appeal to this wide range of subscribers, which as you can imagine is not easy to do as each persons tastes are very different. On occasion you may feel an item is a little young for you or a little old for you and this is why. We try our best to accommodate multiple age groups because all sorts of people enjoy reading YA.  You are never too old to read YA.  You can expect a new release novel in hardback that has great reviews and is highly anticipated.  We choose the best book being released and build a theme around it.  We feature all genres in YA from Fantasy, Sci-fi to contemporary with mix of amazing and diverse characters. We want to expose readers to all sorts of books, genres, and authors within the YA category. See our sneak peeks on Instagram for more hints on the book pick. Our hints on Instagram directly hint to items in the box and the book.  For example if we say this box is for fans of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes that means most likely there will be items in the box inspired by those fandoms.  How do you know if SpearCraft Book Box is the box for you?  If you enjoy handmade items and new YA books then you'll enjoy this box.  Please read our entire FAQ prior to placing an order.

How does it work?

Choose your subscription, the box is delivered to you monthly, enjoy your book and bookish goodies!  Boxes typically ship on the 10th for International and the 15th-20th in waves for US orders. These dates can vary based on the release date of the book. Please read our entire FAQ prior to placing an order.

How are the boxes priced?

Our subscription boxes are $29.99 plus shipping.  We also offer a no book box in the shop section of this website at a discount rate.  Please note this no book option does not contain a book.  Buying a subscription is always the cheapest way to get a box, they are slightly discounted as a perk to our monthly subscribers.   One time boxes in the shop are a slightly higher price for the convenience of not having to have a subscription that renews. Some people prefer those boxes even though they know they are higher priced because they don't want a monthly subscription. Some people prefer the one time boxes so they don't have to think about renewal whereas others prefer to know they have a spot in the next box reserved if they want it. Monthly subscribers always have to option to skip a month.  Prepaid subscriptions cannot skip a month.  If you want to know more about our price breakdown see bottom of FAQ.

Discount Codes

Discounts are available through our reps and must be applied at checkout. We cannot go back in and add the code for you as this would take a lot of time to do for everyone and I am one person. Please take the time to seek out codes prior to purchase.  There is always a spot at checkout to enter the code.   10% off code applies to boxes only not shipping charges. 

 When will I be charged? When will my box be shipped?

For monthly recurring subscriptions: You will be charged for your first box when you order your subscription and again on the 1st of each month until you decide to cancel. For the discounted 3 or 6 month subscription: You will pay for the subscription upfront and it will renew after you have received all of your boxes unless you choose to cancel. All boxes will ship mid month there is no specific ship date we base our ship date on book release dates but typically it will be between the 10th and 20th of each month.  Our tentative ship dates for each month are the 10th for international and the 15th - 20th for US in waves.  This will vary slightly with release dates of the books. Please note that it may take some time for your tracking to update.   For international orders we ship over 3 days in waves starting the 10th.  For US orders we ship over 5 days in waves starting the 15th and last day of shipment being the 20th. Please note it may take 48 hours for your tracking to become active.  So if you are in the last wave (20th) you may not see movement on the tracking until the 22nd.  

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing your unboxing posts on Instagram.  For the most accurate shipping information follow us on Instagram.  Our posts and Instagram stories have all the answers.  If you have questions about cancellation policies please see below in the FAQ.

Ordering Past Boxes

Occasionally we are able to offer additional past boxes after originally selling out.  Please note that if ordering a past box there may not be promo author items, book plates, author letters included.  Those are originally sent to us for our original set number of boxes.  If you want to order a past box and find out if all author sway, promo items, bonus items are included please email us and ask prior to purchasing. There are no refunds.  Typically everything is there but once in a while we will run out of a book plate or a promo postcard, things like that. Additionally soaps may lack the label from running out, we have our ingredients here in our FAQ and they are always available to you via email from us just let us know you'd like one.

Shipping Information

Our tentative ship dates for each month are the 10th-12th for international and the 15th - 20th for US in waves.  This will vary slightly with release dates of the books.  For the most accurate shipping information follow us on Instagram.  Our posts and Instagram stories have all the answers.  Please be patient during shipping time.   I am one person packing hundreds of boxes.  I pack each one by hand. I print the shipping myself, build the box, load it with how I want you to see it when you unbox it,  seal it ,  label it and mail it.  It's a time consuming process so the less time I have to spend answering emails and messages about when my box will ship the faster these boxes will go out.  If a package is returned to us the buyer is responsible for paying to have the box reshipped.

I am an YA Author, Agent, or publishing company, how do I get our books and promotional materials into a box?

We would love to work with you! Please send us an email at so that we can collaborate. We look forward to reviewing manuscripts, books, and other promotional material for consideration into our book box. All books and themes are chosen 6+ months in advance so early planning is essential.

What if I receive the same book from another YA Book Box?

We strive to bring you the latest and greatest YA books available. We know the other book box companies do the same. Our boxes are planned 6+ months in advance. All the Authors, merch, and themes are decided and in the works months before the box ever gets to you. So once we've decided on a book and theme it is set in stone for us.  Chances are that somewhere down the line another book box will choose the same book we have chosen.  Please know that if you subscribe to multiple YA book clubs this is a risk you are taking.  At this time we are not able to offer duplicate book partial refunds.  We suggest that if you are going to take this risk you know that you may get two copies of the same book.  Our recommendation is that you share the extra book with a friend. Read it together, talk over the book together, and share in the excitement of all the bookish swag!  When we are absolutely sure there will be the same book offered by another YA box we will try our best to offer a no book option like we did for the November 2016 box. It offers you all the bookish goodies but no book for a lower price.  But since the book picks are kept secret we cannot guarantee this. 

If you want to rep for us: Bookstagram, Youtube, and Bloggers

Please enter one of our rep searches on Instagram. We will be searching for both product reps and book box reps. Everyone is more than welcome and encouraged to photograph and or video their unboxing and tag us @spearcraftbookbox and #spearcraftbookbox  #spearcraftbookboxphotocontest    We will be hosting photo contests for the boxes throughout the months and using these tags to find your photos and make you a winner.   Please do not email or message us asking for free boxes or to rep for us. 

I'm a business selling items that would be great in your boxes! How do I get my items into a box?

Send us more information about your business/products to   You must also be willing to send us samples of the items. Unfortunately, due to the amount of inquiries we receive, we can't respond to every email. If we're interested in your items we'll let you know! 

When I purchase a book box subscription what am I paying for?

When you purchase a book box subscription from SpearCraft book box you are paying for a new release YA book usually released within the last 45 days to be delivered to your house in our beautiful book box with any author swag such as author letters promotional items and bookplates.  The added bookish inspired gifts and handmade items are our GIFTS to you. Each month we will include 4+ items inspired by our favorite books. Sometimes we will include things inspired by movies and tv if they are appropriate and fit our monthly theme. These GIFTS could include pins, magnets, candles, soaps, mugs, tote-bags, or tee shirts. What does inspired by mean?  Inspired by, means items that relate to, are or are artistic renderings of the book movie or show and its inhabitants/characters.  Most of our bookish items are handmade by us here at SpearCraft as well as various book loving artists.  We ourselves create a lot of what goes into our boxes ensuring you get unique items each month. We hire our vendors in advance and secure items in advance and this is why we do not offer refunds or exchanges on subscription boxes or one time purchase boxes.  If the box is returned to sender by the buyer or the post office it will be the buyers responsibility to pay for the reship.

Do you accept returns or exchanges on books?

No we do not.  Getting a book in a book box is part of the surprise of the box.  While every book all year long might not seem cup of tea because of your personal tastes we ask that you give it a try and see what you think.  So many of our subscribers have thanked us for choosing a book they might not have picked up on their own and having a book box has opened their eyes to new genres. For example if you are a fantasy lover you might not be too keen on getting a sci-fi book but if you give it a try you might find out you really like it.

What if I need to cancel, how do I do that?

We are sad to see you go and hope that you will join us again here at SpearCraft book box.  To cancel simply login to your account at Cratejoy for SpearCraft Book Box From there you will see a list of active subscriptions. Click EDIT to get into the subscription and then click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. You will be billed for any boxes remaining in your cycle, but your subscription will not renew after that. For example if you purchases a 3 month cycle and cancelled after the 1st box, the 3 month prepay charge still stands and you will receive 2 more boxes but your account will not renew after that.  If you have any questions whatsoever regarding cancelling please get in touch with us at  It is extremely important that you make sure you cancel your subscription by the last day of the current month. Otherwise, you will be billed again on the first of the month and WILL receive the next month's box.   We do not do refunds on paid subscriptions, we fulfill what has been paid for and will not charge you beyond that. We do not accept returns on book boxes. We do not issue refunds on subscription boxes or one time purchase boxes.  We do not cancel subscriptions or one time purchase boxes for customers, they must log in and cancel it themselves for security reasons.  We cannot cancel your subscription for you it is up to you to log in and cancel it on your own. The only time we cancel a subscription is if the subscriber has skipped a shipment 3 times in a row, and this is at our discretion some months we sell out quickly and if you've skipped 3 times in a row we need to remove you from an active subscription to give another subscribers a chance to get in .  Even if you purchase a subscription and then cancel your subscription the same day you will still receive the box you paid for and then no more after that.  Very clear we do not do refunds or exchanges on boxes.

What if I've paid for a box and then I cancel? 

You will be billed for any subscriptions remaining in your cycle, but your subscription will not renew after that. For example if you are on a monthly cycle and you paid for your first box and then you choose to cancel.  You will still receive the first paid for box but your account will not renew and you will not receive anymore boxes. If you are on a 3 month pre-paid cycle and cancel after your 1st box you will still receive two more boxes but after that your account will not renew.   If you are on a 6 month cycle and cancel after 3 boxes you will still receive your last 3 boxes and then your account will not renew. Cancelling cancels the renewing process, you still receive the boxes you paid for. Even if you order a subscription or prepaid subscription and cancel the next day you will still receive all boxes that are paid for.  We do not offer refunds on paid subscription boxes or one time purchase boxes.

Do you accept returns, give refunds, or do exchanges on book boxes?

No we do not.  In the event we have any extra boxes they will be listed for sale at  and in the "SHOP" section of this website but you cannot exchange your box for a different months box.  Also we do not accept returns on boxes.  If you order you will get a box, no cancellations exchanges or returns. We do not do refunds on subscription boxes or one time purchase boxes.  If a box is returned to us via the postal service it is the buyers responsibility to pay for reshipment. Boxes returned to sender by the post office or refused by the buyer will be reshipped at the buyers expense.  No refunds are given for returned boxes.  We will tell you exact shipping charges and those can be paid via paypal payment to  If you do not have a paypal we can set up a shipping listing for you.  To be very clear if a box is returned to us it is the customers responsibility to pay for the reshipment. Please double check your mailing address when you sign up.

When do I need to cancel by to ensure I am not charged again for the next month?

Make sure you cancel your subscription by the last day of the current month. Otherwise, you will be billed again on the first of the month and will receive the next month's box .  We have tried our best to be very clear in our FAQ's but if you still have any questions please email us at    Having a subscription is your responsibility, if you would like to cancel you need to log in and cancel it yourself on your own account. We cannot cancel for you.  We do not do refunds because you forgot to cancel. Cratejoy is based out of Texas please pay attention to time differences.  The renewal is automatic, we do not do it its cratejoy and the payment processors once it is processed you will recieve a box.  We do not do returns or exchages on any boxes.

Lost or Stolen Packages Policy & Moving Policy & Return to sender Policy

When we ship your box, you will receive a tracking number. Once your package is dropped off at USPS, it's the responsibility of the Postal Service. If you do not receive your package, please e-mail us and we will track the package to the best of our ability. Please contact us via email within 7 days of your package not arriving.  For international orders you will have to track it at your local post office.  Please note that in some countries usps and your local post office do not communicate and tracking may not update until delivered.  For international buyers it is extremely important that you watch your tracking and have someone there to receive your package when it is out for delivery.  Unfortunately, we are unable to replace lost or stolen packages. We are a small business and cannot do it.  If a package is lost or returned to sender, or failed delivery for something not our fault it will be sent back to us and it will be up to the customer to pay to have it reshipped.   Please keep an eye out for your box especially around the holidays. It is very important that you know when your package is to arrive and that it has a safe place to be left (covered porch). We are not responsible if your postman leaves it in the rain while you were out of town.  We suggest you arrange with a neighbor to safeguard your package while you are away.  If you are moving please let us know prior to our ship date by logging in and manually updating your address. Once shipping has been printed we cannot change the ship to address.  For US customers each package is priority mailed and insured if damage to the boxes items occurs a claim will need to be filed with the usps. Photos of damage will need to be provided by the customer. These claims can take months to resolve and that is out of our hands.  We have never had this issue occur and hope it never does.  If your package is returned to us it is the buyers responsibility to have the package reshipped by paying the reshipment fee. Boxes returned to sender by the post office or refused by the buyer will be reshipped at the buyers expense.  No refunds are given for returned boxes.  We will tell you exact shipping charges and those can be paid via paypal payment to  If you do not have a paypal we can set up a shipping listing for you.

Frozen or Melting Policy

We try our best to give new and exciting items to our subscribers these items in the past have included full size candles, body soaps, mini candles, lip balm, hand soaps, chapstick, room spray, bath bombs and snowglobes, bookstagram confetti with sealant.  We know weather is different round the globe and we ship worldwide. We simply cannot be held responsible for weather.  While one subscriber may live in Arizona and have high temps another lives in the snow. We ask that you take this into account when placing an order when weather is extreme where you live.  We ship US priority mail which is 2 to 3 days US. We do our best to get packages to you quickly.  These packages have the potential to sit in hot or cold mail trucks for a lengthy amount of time. We ask that you watch your tracking and have you or a trusted family member or friend be there for mail delivery or at least try to get the package out of the mailbox and off the porch as soon as possible. If you will be out of town please try to arrange with us a delayed shipment so your package is not left out.  We can hold it until your return and then send it.  Please note that a frozen or melted item is not a broken item. Soap can be melted in microwave and poured in any mold to regain shape making it still smell great and be usable.  Candles can re-harden at room temperature or be place in the refrigerator for a brief period of time.

Broken or missing Items

We do our best to ensure that everyone gets each item in their box.  We understand that the postal service can be rough on boxes.  If an item arrives broken please contact us via email right away and within 7 days of delivery and include photos of the broken item. (please note this does not include frozen or melted items, please see our frozen and melting policy.)  We include a packing list on top of each box (spoiler card) which tells you all the contents of the box.  If an item is honestly missing please contact us within 7 days of box delivery and we will do our best to get you the item.  All claims must be made via email and within 7 days to be valid.  This prevents someone from using an item or giving away an item and then claiming they didn't receive it.  Sad but unfortunately it does happen.

International Customs and Fees & Returned Packages

Customers are responsible for paying any duties or custom fees for their own packages. Please check with your Countries policies before placing an order if you are unsure about duty fees. If your package is returned to us for unpaid custom fees or taxes  it is not our responsibility and will not be refunded.  The package can be resent at the buyers expense which is $24 to Canada and $34 International. Will will only charge you actual shipping and you will see the total before paying.  Payment can be sent to Paypal at or if you don't have paypal we an create a custom shipping listing for you.  Again, as a customer you are responsible for looking into it and know if and any taxes or fees are associated with a subscription box and making sure your address is correct.

Can I skip a month?

**Skipping applies to monthly subscribers only**.  Yes, Absolutely if you are a monthly subscriber and If a months theme doesn't interest you instead of cancelling we offer you to skip a month. This keeps you as an active subscriber but allows you to skip a box and the renewal.  Please be advised that we offer this only 3 times. Once you skip the 3rd time in a row your subscription will be cancelled and you will have to resubscribe.  The reason for this is that we sell out each month and can't continue to hold a spot for you if you aren't going to be getting a box.  That spot will be given to a new subscriber.  Our prepaid subscribers cannot skip months.   Please also note that if a prepaid subscriber skips their next renewal they will be skipping  the next 3, 6, or 12 boxes.   Unfortunately at this time cratejoy does not offer a way for a prepaid subscriber to skip just one month.

**Soap and Candle Ingredient List** 

Many times we make homemade soaps and candles for our shop and our subscription book box.  We purchase our ingredients from a reputable soap and candle dealer called Bramble Berry and you can check them out online.  We list the name of the product here with a detailed description of the ingredients.  Bramble Berry also has product testing done as well as provides an mds form on each product that you can click on at their website to read more about it. All of these ingredients are not in every soap it varys based on color and glitter but we're listing them all here for your convenience.

Ingredients for SpearCraft Soaps:  Ingredients for Goats Milk Base: Glycerin, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol, Triethanolamine, Salt, Goat’s Milk Powder, EDTA, Titanium Dioxide Gold Sparkle Mica: Eye Safe: Yes Lip Safe: Yes Skin Safe: Yes. Ingredient Name:  Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron OxideIridescent Glitter, skin safe, cosmetic grade glitter : Ingredients: Polyethylene Terephthalate, Acrylates.  Color Block Red ingredients: Bis(Glycidoxyphenyl)propane / Bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer, Aluminum Hydroxide, Yellow 10, Red 28, Red 22, Iron Oxides, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, Soybean Protein. Purple dye block:   Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan oleate, Oat Protein.  Fragrance, scent is added and varys month to month.

Ingredients for SpearCraft Candles:
Soy Wax: Ingredients: Hydrogenated Vegetable OilIrridescent Glitter:  skin safe, cosmetic grade glitter : Ingredients: Polyethylene Terephthalate, Acrylates Copolymer**If we are contacted about a known allergy upon order we are able to give you an allergy free box which will replace the scented soap with another item.  Usually a bookish themed necklace.  Please do not abuse this exception it is just for our subscribers that actually have allergies.**Also please note that not all of these ingredients are used in every box for example the red color block used to dye the soap red was used in the November 2016 box for the red roase and heart soaps and again in the February 2017 box for the violin soaps.  The glitters were used in the Making Christmas Jack Skellington Dec 2016 candle and the Goblin King Candle Feb 2017.  We will be using a more descriptive product label on our products in the future, you will find it on the package.   

How our prices Break Down

For our large box we pay about $4 just for the box, then we purchase our own packaging and packing materials. We pay a monthly fee to shopify and cratejoy for our shops. We also pay a transaction fee to paypal and stripe. Then we pay a 10% fee on each subscription each month and every month that comes through the cratejoy marketplace. (So please help us out and use our direct link to purchase on Instagram, it's in our bio.)  Then if you've used a coupon that comes off.  We pay vendors for items, we pay the publishers for the new YA books usually about $10+ each book. Then for international we cover $3.47  of the actual cost for shipping. For our friends in Canada we cover $1.47 of the actual cost of shipping.  Then with what is left we craft and create a box for you that costs you only $29.99 a month.  We ask that you take a look at these numbers and be respectful of our business and know that we make items for you from our heart and not for much profit. So please be respectful of our efforts and our products. I spend my entire month everyday working on this box for you. <3

Gift Cards

This is a e-gift card for our online store here at cratejoy.  Shop for books, past boxes, or pick up a current box. The gift card will be emailed to you after purchase. You can print and give as a gift or forward it to the person you'd like to give it to. Gift cards make the perfect gift for the book lover in your life! Great for birthday and the holidays!  Have a friend that missed a box?  Get them a gift card to order a past box or maybe pick up a new one.  The gift cards never expire but keep them in a safe place.  You are responsible for your gift card number we will not replace card balances.  So please don't share with friends.   Thank you. Can a gift card be used on an existing subscription? Yes, if a customer has a gift card and an existing subscription their renewal will use whatever balance is left on their card to pay for the renewal first and will use their credit card second. 

***There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds given on subscription or one time purchase boxes, special edition boxes and on books. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, No exceptions.

Please read the FAQ's prior to ordering.  Follow us on Instagram for hints, sneak peeks, and book descriptions.***

Are you ready to subscribe to the SpearCraft book box?