Frequently Asked Questions

***Special Covid-19 announcement. Updates for shipping can be found in our email newsletters in the book box corner section and on our shipping information page. We thank you for your patience and support of small business during this time.***

When will my box ship out?

Please see our dedicated Shipping Information page on this website for further updates.

Please see our Membership Terms page for information on how the subscriptions work and our Cancellations policy ** Click Here** All of our boxes and renewals are final sale.

***Please purchase boxes, subscriptions and items separately. Follow instructions on the checkout cart page.***

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Cratejoy system uses UTC TIME zone!! Please be aware and check the time when ordering last minute, it could be for the next day. We strongly recommend not waiting to the last minute to order. Please double check UTC TIME ZONE if you are ordering on the last day of a cycle. We always begin selling the next box two weeks prior to the first of the month (renewal day)  For example look at Jan 2019. The 17th will be the last day to subscribe to the Jan box, the 18th will be the first day of sales of the February box.  Please note you can skip a month instead of cancelling however after 3 skips we reserve the right to cancel your subscription to make room for new subscribers from the wait list if we need to.

"Bookworm Points" our fun customer loyalty program

We are introducing a new loyalty program. You don’t have to sign up it’s all already done. Basically all you have to do is be an Active Subscriber (have a subscription) When you sign up for a subscription today you’ll earn what we are calling Bookworm points. Signing up is 20pts. Each time you renew you’ll earn another 20pts. Each time you buy an item from the shop it’s another point. In your account you’ll see your points and be able to redeem them for coupons like $10 off your next order, $20 off your next order, $10 off your next renewal and so on. This is just a fun way to earn points and save money and my way of saying a huge thank you for sticking with me again and again. 🥰

If you want to buy more than one box please read

If you want to purchase more than one box, or a special box and a subscription please do me a favor. Please check out with each box separately.  It does not cost you  ANY extra money and it makes my shipping process go so much smoother. When you purchase multiple boxes in the same order the system thinks I shipped the entire order when I've only shipped one box, this can cause boxes to be missed during shipment and we do not want that. Please purchase boxes individually to ensure they all get shipped. If you'd like to purchase a subscription and a box, that is great please purchase them in two different transactions for the same reason.  The system will mark the whole order shipped  and we don't want that. This applies to special edition boxes as well. 

What is the SpearCraft book box?

The SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly handmade book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels (within the last 45 days) and assorted handmade bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each month's SpearCraft Book Box has a fun theme  Most of the items in the box are made by us here at Spearcraft along with other bookish shops from Etsy and the web.  This is what makes us different than other book boxes.  We are a YA or Young Adult book box (young adult books are typically for ages 14-15+) . Our subscribers range in ages from 12 years to 50 years and that's just the spread we know about.  We try our best to create and curate items that appeal to this wide range of subscribers.  If you enjoy handmade items and new YA books then you'll enjoy this box.  Click here to see our membership terms and cancellation policies.

What if I order Multiple boxes of the same box?

If you order multiple boxes of the same box you will receive multiple boxes of the same box.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep track of what you purchase.  If you purchase a box and a few weeks later purchase the same box you will be getting two of the same box. We do not issue refunds for multiple accidental purchases. We do not accept returns on boxes.  All of our sales are final. Subscriptions can be kept track of in our cratejoy account. One time boxes and Special Edition boxes your receipt is your way of tracking the order. Cratejoy will not keep track of one time boxes.

Should I wait until the last day to order a theme?

  1. No you should not unless you order by 7pm EST. Do not wait until the last minute to order a theme, the Cratejoy website moves to the next day at 7pm EST. Any orders after that will be for the next months theme, no refunds will be given. Please pay attention to this. We always begin selling the next theme exactly 2 weeks prior to the 1st of the month. For example if you order a box  May 17th at 6pm EST you will get a may box. If you order May 17th at 7:01 pm EST you will get a June box because that is technically June 18th on the cratejoy website. I have absolutely no control over this so please order your boxes early and don't wait until the last minute. Please note as of 2020 we have been selling out every single box well in advance see social media, or our cratejoy home page to see the current box for sale prior to ordering, you may be waiting well over a month for that first box and we want you to be informed of this.

Your Address when ordering is important !

Please make sure you double check your address before submitting your order. The box will ship to the address you enter. If there is an error the box will be returned to me and you will need to pay to have the box reshipped to the correct address.  Also if you order a lengthy subscription all the boxes will be going to this wrong address so it is very important you check the address before submitting the order. We do not update addresses, you can update your address via cratejoy by updating the shipping address on your cratejoy account or contacting


Shipping of all boxes happens the last day of each month and renewal happens the 1st day of each month.  Keep this in mind. Your box will ship and then the next day you will renew for your next box.  Shipping costs are $9.50 US, $13.99CAD, $16.99 international. Rates are subject to change as the post office increases prices each year. Due to the post office increasing their rates because of the pandemic 8/2020 and lack of funding we are raising our shipping rate by $0.50 per box to cover these increases.   Once the increase goes away we will lower our shipping back to its normal rate

We do try to keep them as low as possible for our subscribers. Shipping rates that you pay are then paid to the post office to ship your box. Shipping money does not go into the curation of the box. We do not update addresses, you can update your address via cratejoy by updating the shipping address on your cratejoy account or contacting  The Cratejoy website shipping is added during checkout. After the address is put in the website calculates the correct shipping. But it can't add shipping until it has the address entered.  Until the address is put it just displays - -  for the shipping. Please note that if ordering from a cell phone you may need to scroll up to view the shipping rate after entering the address.

How are the boxes priced?

Our subscription boxes are $29.99 plus shipping for monthly and $49.99 plus shipping for quarterly.  Buying a subscription is always the cheapest way to get a box, they are slightly discounted as a perk to our monthly subscribers.   One time boxes in the shop are a slightly higher price for the convenience of not having to have a subscription that renews. Some people prefer those boxes even though they know they are higher priced because they don't want a monthly subscription. Some people prefer the one time boxes so they don't have to think about renewal whereas others prefer to know they have a spot in the next box reserved if they want it. Monthly subscribers always have to option to skip a month.  Please keep in mind shipping does not go into the curation of the box. Shipping you pay is used to ship your box to you.  Too often you will see tubers or grammars say they paid $40 for a box and expect $40 of merch inside. The correct way to look at it is you paid 29.99 for the box containing a book and items and 8.50 to have that 2 to 3lb box shipped to you. You should expect it to contain a retail value of 29.99 of merch not $40.

Discount Codes

Discounts are available through our reps and must be applied at checkout. We cannot go back in and add the code for you after a purchase is made .   10% off code applies to boxes only not shipping charges. I am more than happy to provide a discount code to established subscription blogs and influencers just email and ask. After your site is vetted a code will be provided. We are a military family if you are a veteran or active duty and can't find a rep code just email me I'd love to extend a 10% military code to you and thank you for your service.

What if I receive the same book from another YA Book Box?

We strive to bring you the latest and greatest YA books available. We know the other book box companies do the same. Our boxes are planned 6+ months in advance. All the Authors, merch, and themes are decided and in the works months before the box ever gets to you. So once we've decided on a book and theme it is set in stone for us.  Chances are that somewhere down the line another book box will choose the same book we have chosen.  Which will mean a similar theme as well as very similar items. Please know that if you subscribe to multiple YA book clubs this is a risk you are taking. 

When I purchase a book box subscription what am I paying for?

When you purchase a book box subscription from SpearCraft book box you are paying for a new release YA book usually released within the last 45 days to be delivered to your house in our beautiful book box with any author swag such as author letters promotional items and bookplates.  The added bookish inspired gifts and handmade items are our GIFTS to you. Each month we will include 4+ items inspired by our favorite books. Sometimes we will include things inspired by movies and tv if they are appropriate and fit our monthly theme. These GIFTS could include pins, magnets, candles, soaps, mugs, tote-bags, or tee shirts. What does inspired by mean?  Inspired by, means items that relate to, are or are artistic renderings of the book movie or show and its inhabitants/characters.  Most of our bookish items are handmade by us here at SpearCraft as well as various book loving artists.  We ourselves create a lot of what goes into our boxes ensuring you get unique items each month.  On occasion books or items will not fit in our standard box and we will opt for plain box that month to ensure safe delivery of these larger items.

Do you accept returns or exchanges on books? What about damaged books?

No we do not.  Getting a book in a book box is part of the surprise of the box.  While every book all year long might not seem cup of tea because of your personal tastes we ask that you give it a try and see what you think.  So many of our subscribers have thanked us for choosing a book they might not have picked up on their own and having a book box has opened their eyes to new genres. For example if you are a fantasy lover you might not be too keen on getting a sci-fi book but if you give it a try you might find out you really like it.  If a book is severely damaged due to manufacturer  error we will arrange an exchange.  We do not do refunds or exchanges for minor defects due to shipping.   Minor creases or bends will not be replaced. Each book is shipped to the publisher warehouse then shipped to us and then shipped again to you. Minor defects, scrapes, bends will not be replaced. It is an occasional issue with being shipped repeatedly. If a book is severely damaged or has a major publication defect we will reach out to the publisher for a replacement that if approved will take a few weeks to complete. 

What if I need to cancel, how do I do that?

We are sad to see you go and hope that you will join us again here at SpearCraft book box.  To cancel simply login to your account at Cratejoy for SpearCraft Book Box From there you will see a list of active subscriptions. Click EDIT to get into the subscription and then click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. You will be billed for any boxes remaining in your cycle, but your subscription will not renew after that. Remember when cancelling to do so PRIOR to the renewal on the 1st of the month. Cancelling does not issue a refund it simply cancels future renewals. Any paid for boxes will still ship out. Once a renewal has started it cannot be stopped and no refund will be issued.
Click here to see our membership terms and cancellation policies. Here are the cratejoy cancellation instructions:  Cancellation of a subscription cancels the next renewal, any paid for boxes will still ship out. Directions are also posted below.

You can cancel your Cratejoy Marketplace subscription by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Cratejoy account and click Subscriptions.
  • Click Active Subscriptions
  • Click Manage Subscription
  • Click Cancel Subscription
  • Select Reason for Cancelling and provide Feedback
  • Click Confirm and Cancel Subscription

What if I've paid for a box and then I cancel? 

You will be billed for any subscriptions remaining in your cycle, but your subscription will not renew after that. For example if you are on a monthly cycle and you paid for your first box and then you choose to cancel.  You will still receive the first paid for box but your account will not renew and you will not receive anymore boxes. Click here to see our membership terms and cancellation policies.

When do I need to cancel by to ensure I am not charged again for the next month?

Make sure you cancel your subscription by the last day of the current month. Otherwise, you will be billed again on the first of the month and will receive the next month's box . Again it must be cancelled PRIOR to the 1st of the month or it will renew and another box will be generated. Once a renewal has started it cannot be refunded.  Click here to see our membership terms and cancellation policies.

Lost or Stolen Packages Policy , Moving Policy , Return to sender Policy

When we ship your box, you will receive a tracking number. Once your package is dropped off at USPS, it's the responsibility of the Postal Service. If you do not receive your package, please e-mail us and we will track the package to the best of our ability. Please contact us via email within 7 days of your package not arriving. After 7 days tracking and  filing a claim will be up to the buyer. To file a claim visit . For international orders you will have to track it at your local post office.  Please note that in some countries usps and your local post office do not communicate and tracking may not update until delivered.  For international buyers it is extremely important that you watch your tracking and have someone there to receive your package when it is out for delivery.  Unfortunately, we are unable to replace lost or stolen packages. Once a package is marked delivered by the post office it cannot be claimed as lost. Again we do not replace lost or stolen packages. If a package is Lost and not delivered to you please contact us.  A gift card will be issued 30 days after lost package has been reported to the post office by us for domestic subscriptions.  A gift card will be issued 60 days after a lost package has been reported to the post office by us for international subscribers.  Unfortunately during the pandemic, US mail in voting, and holiday rush it is NOT uncommon to see a package not update for days or weeks if international.  Please expect long delivery times for international orders, up to 3 months. We have zero control over this and appreciate your patience.  It does not do any good to repeatedly ask us to track your order as we have the same exact information as you do from 

Broken, missing, or damaged Items

We do our best to ensure that everyone gets each item in their box.  We understand that the postal service can be rough on boxes.  If an item arrives broken please contact us via email right away and within 7 days of delivery and include photos of the broken item. (please note this does not include frozen or melted items, please see our frozen and melting policy.)  We include a packing list on top of each box (spoiler card) which tells you all the contents of the box.  If an item is honestly missing please contact us within 7 days of box delivery and we will do our best to get you the item.  All claims must be made via email not social media and within 7 days to be valid.  If a replacement item or box cannot be given a gift card for the item value or the box value will be issued to use on a future item or box. We do not do refund cash it will be a gift card. International subscribers if you have a broken or missing item you must contact within 7 days and a gift card will be given for the value of the missing item. We cannot ship out single items due to shipping costs being outrageous. For example to ship a bookmark over seas is $10.95, a book $17.95 and a box $23.95. 

Melting / Frozen Policy

We love to send items like candles out in our boxes unfortunately we cannot control the weather globally. If ordering a box during extreme weather in your area please be aware that an item may freeze or melt.  We do not replace items due to the weather. We simply cannot control how long the post office keeps boxes in their hot trucks and facilities.  Candles once brought to room temperature again or placed in the refrigerator will solidify again. For tin candles they can carefully be placed in a pot with about an inch of water and heated to liquid, then let completely cool and solidify before removing. If just the top of your candle began to melt you can create a smooth look again by using a heat gun or a hair dryer.

International Customs and Fees and Returned Packages

Customers are responsible for paying any duties or custom fees for their own packages. Please check with your Countries policies before placing an order if you are unsure about duty fees. Please check with your countries on their policies for importing food items, candles, soaps, and cosmetic items prior to purchasing. We are not responsible for items thrown away at customs or boxes being returned . We have recently been informed that the UK and Italy both have a customs tax on boxes.  Please check your countries policies before placing an order.  If your package is returned to us for unpaid custom fees or taxes  it is not our responsibility and will not be refunded.  The package can be resent at the buyers expense which is $14 to Canada and $18 International. If any package is returned to sender due to unpaid fees, invalid address, or not accepting the package it will be up to the buyer to pay to have the package reshipped.

Special Edition Boxes

Special Edition boxes are different from our regular subscription box and are not part of the subscription.  They must be purchased separately.   These boxes are typically ALL item boxes and do NOT include a book unless otherwise noted.     Please be aware that special edition boxes do not contain books. SE boxes contain a mix of handmade items from us and other vendors as well as jewelry and items. These include bath and body  items, candles, pillowcases, totes, mugs,etc.. special edition boxes do NOT ship in our branded monthly ya box, they ship in a regular cardboard box.

Value of a box

Please keep in mind when purchasing boxes especially if you are an international subscriber shipping, tax and customs/ duty fees should not be added to the box cost to determine what the value of the box should be. The shipping you pay is less than the shipping we pay to send out the box to you. We also have nothing to do with customs or duty fees. If we sell you a box for $29.99 expect it to have a value of a little more then that. You should not expect it to have items inside it higher  than the cost of the box plus shipping plus the customs, tax, and duty fees. That is not realistic as we do not get to keep any of the shipping, customs, tax, or duty money. Therefore none of that goes into the curation of a box. We receive 29.99 from customers for a box $3 goes to fees $3 goes to the branded box right off the top, next $11 goes to the book and author letter. Then the $12.99 that is left goes into the curation and manufacturing of items, shipping the items to me, paying multiple artists, paying for my storage center, website cost, ad cost, and my own pay wage.  As you can see that is a very tight budget and each month I work incredibly hard to give you 4-6 bookish items in addition to your book.

Most importantly have fun with this book box and I hope it brings you a love a reading or brings the love of reading to your loved one. I'll see you around on Instagram!

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