SpearCraft Book Box Shipping Information

Have a question about when your box will ship? See below on this Shipping Information page.  We have a section for each months box where we will post all important updates. We thank you for your patience and support of small business during this time.

When will my box ship out? We ship the last day of the month.  Example the September box ships on September 30th.  Please see below the date you ordered and the box you will receive. 

*APRIL BOXES- New orders placed March 18th to April 16th are for an April box that will ship out the last day of April on April 30th. and continue shipping through May 3rd. 

*MAY BOXES  (Holiday Delay) - New orders placed April 17th to May 17th are for a May box that will ship out normally on May 31st however that is Memorial day during memorial day weekend so our ship date will begin June 1st. 

5/27 - Shipping update for May boxes - It looks like the books will be delayed due to holiday they did not ship on time. They are being shipped now and will arrive by June 7th, that will cause a shipping delay for this box. 

5/31 normal shipping day for box - Again we have a delay while we wait for the book delivery on June 7th. We will

continue to update.

6/4 Update! We just received word our book freight delivery is delayed yet again with a delivery date of June 11th.  We are prepping boxes to slide the book in on top and ship right away once it arrives. We apologize for this inconvenience unfortunately we do not have any control over delivery delays and limited drivers. 

All May boxes have shipped!

*June Boxes - New orders placed May 18th to June 16th are for a June box that will ship out on our normal shipping day of June 30th. - No delays are anticipated at this time.

*July Boxes- New orders placed June 17th- July 17th are for a July box that will ship out on our normal shipping day of July 31st.  - August 3rd. Book is a late July release .

*August Boxes- TBA







Shipping time from our shop:

Please allow 2 weeks for past boxes, items, and books to ship out from our store. As we only ship twice per month.  We ship priority mail which is normally 2-3 days delivery however with usps covid delays it is taking up to a week in the US for packages to arrive via priority mail. Canada has taken up to 4 weeks and International orders have seen delays to 6 weeks. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We can not do anything about the USPS delays. Please do not order if this is not acceptable to you as we are only able to preform bookish miracles not postal miracles.

How will my box be shipped and any special announcements I should know about the boxes? 

YA Monthly subscription boxes (not one time purchase) ship in our branded box. Unless otherwise noted here due to a large book or item.

*December box- A holiday/winter inspired branded box or regular branded box.

*January box- New Year inspired branded box or regular branded box. Not all boxes will include a signed bookplate this month due to a shortage. Please make note of this to avoid any confusion.

*February - Valentine’s inspired box or our regular branded box (past decorated boxes may also be used.)

*March-  Spring inspired box or our regular branded box. (past decorated boxes may also be used.)

*April - regular branded boxes (past decorated boxes may also be used.)

*May - Ghibli inspired box or regular branded boxes (past decorated boxes may also be used.)

***Special edition boxes, One time purchase boxes, Past Boxes, items from the shop, books, mystery bags, all ship in plain brown boxes and plain brown envelopes. They do not ship in our branded boxes. Past boxes also may not include bookplates and author letters***