SpearCraft Book Box Shipping Information

Have a question about when your box will ship? see below on this Shipping Information page. We thank you for your patience and support of small business during this time.

When will my box ship out? We ship the last day of the month.  Please see below the date you ordered and the box you will receive. 

* 8/31  All August boxes (subscriptions before July 6th)  and Acotar boxes have shipped out on time *

*New orders placed July 7th on are for a September box and will ship the last day of September on the 30th.  Please note if you purchased right when these went on sale it will be a long wait until they ship out end of September.

*Throne of Glass boxes ship last day of September on the 30th. 

* New orders placed September 17th on are for an October box that will ship out the last day of October on the 31st.

***Please note what box you are purchasing they are featured on the home page as well as the cratejoy marketplace listing. For example we are selling the September box in July and the wait until the end of  September for it to ship can seem long if you subscribe in the beginning of sales.***

How will my box be shipped?

YA Monthly boxes- These ship in our branded boxes with the exception of the August box  and the September box that will ship in a plain box due to the size of the book for August, and due to a mug include in September.

Special edition boxes - all ship in a plain bown box