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Harry Potter Holidays at Hogsmeade Village Special Edition Box


Product Description

It's time to announce our final special edition box for 2018. Since our Holidays at Hogwarts box was so popular last year I decided to do another installment. The theme this year is Holidays at Hogsmeade Village. We are not leaving Hogwarts and going home this year we are headed to Hogsmeade with Harry and his friends. It's time to enjoy Honeydukes, The Three Broomsticks, Zonko's Joke Shop, and more! This is an all item box that is sure to delight any Harry Potter fan. We've stepped it up this time for sure! This box will be extremely popular so do not hesitate to pick one up, I will not be making more of them. Boxes will ship in December, holiday delivery is not guaranteed for international orders. Please be sure when ordering to make sure the ship to address is correct, especially if you are sending a gift. The address provided will be where it ships to and cannot be edited. Also since this will be a popular holiday gift I ask that you can please use some sort of spoiler warning if you unbox before the holidays, we wouldn't want to spoil the contents for anyone. The presale price is $39.99 and will go up to $42.99 Oct 1st, if not sold out by then. Get ready to travel to Hogsmeade Village Harry Potter Fans! All sales final, there are not returns, exchanges, or refunds.

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