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The Lord of the Rings Special Edition box (90% sold out!!)


Product Description

We are now 90% sold out of our Lord of the Rings Special Edition boxes! Be sure to get one while you can . One does not simply walk into Mordor…you’ll need to pack your traveling gear, bring along some friends, and get ready because you’re going on an adventure! . We are so excited to be Introducing our first special edition box of the new year, The Lord of the Rings Box. Hold on to your horses (or ponies whichever the case may be) Tolkien fans. Sit down relax and let me tell you a story. This box is not late, it arrived precisely when it was meant to. Although we have been coming up with items for this box for 2 years! We are SO excited to finally offer it for sale. We had to wait until each and every item was perfection and could be considered “My Precious”. . What to expect? Without giving too much away (look away now if you want a total surprise) you can expect 100% USABLE and or Wearable items in this box and NO PAPER products. We have climbed the Misty mountains to present you with an exclusive item to drink from, something to carry all your belongings on any adventure, a collectible enamel pin, something to wear and more!!! This is a one time purchase box it is not part of our regular subscriptions so it will have to be purchased separately. These boxes are on sale right now and make the perfect gift for any Lord of the Rings Fans. Grab yours today

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