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STOP!  CHECK YOUR CART!!!  You may checkout with multiple past bookish items or books in the same transaction but DO NOT check out with any boxes or subscriptions mixed in.  All past, current, and subscriptions boxes must be purchased individually.  For example you want to purchase a Pillowcase,  socks, a candle, and a July past box.  You will need to checkout with the items first and then check out again (separately) with the July box. Another example you want to purchase 2 July boxes and 1 April box, you will need to checkout with each of these separately. 3 orders will need to be placed.

We realize this is an inconvenience  but our system will automatically mark the entire order as shipped when we ship one thing causing the other items, boxes and subscriptions to not ship. So it is VERY important to follow these directions.

Click here to see our membership terms and conditions and cancellation policies  prior to placing your order. By placing an order in our shop you confirm you have read our terms and conditions, FAQ's, and agree to them.  Please note that ALL sales and renewals from this website are final.

Black Friday Orders:  All orders ship within 3 weeks of purchase as it says on our website.  Printed shipping does not mean your item has shipped.  We pre print shipping, send to our facility and they pack and ship it within the 3 week timeframe.  Once shipped your order will arrive in 2 to 10 days depending on if its priority or media mail in the US. Please take note of this before ordering for the holidays!





Please be sure to note what is in your cart and that you have the correct items and not duplicates. Also note the price with shipping BEFORE submitting your order. Once your order is placed the order is final and will not be refunded.  If checking out with multiple boxes please check out with each box separately  All sales are final and non refundable. You must read our   Click here to see our membership terms and cancellation policies.  Prior to placing your order.